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Advanced Dental Care

When treating a patient, Diana Fat, DDS prefers to take a modern approach when offering dental care. Patient comfort and care is our top priority, so we like to utilize the latest technology including 3-D Imaging and Digital X-Rays that will assist in obtaining the best results.

Advanced dental technology office in SacramentoAdvancement in technology has improved the way doctors practice and thanks to science, modern techniques allow patients to receive treatment without the normal pain and time-consuming appointments that used to be associated with old-fashioned dentistry. Trusting a doctor that utilizes modern Dental Technology offers many benefits including:

  • Shorter Patient Appointments
  • High Quality Images
  • Accurate Diagnosis Process
  • Secure Transfer of Images
  • Environmentally Friendly

A new and very effective technology we use in our office is 3-D Imaging. This particular advancement helps us visualize everything we cannot see with our own eyes. 3-D Imaging gives us the ability to detect what is going on between your teeth, determine bone density levels, and analyze the overall health of your teeth and jaws. More importantly for a Prosthodontist, it enables us to examine the nerves and roots of  your teeth, so we can assess your situation and determine which treatment plan will work best.

As dental technology has continued to develop over the years, the goal has really been to heighten patient comfort and to help achieve optimum results. Our office is happy to offer Digital X-Rays which is a safer and more convenient way help diagnose underlying issues. Digital X-Rays offer a variety of benefits over its traditional counterpart which include a reduction of radiation exposure by about 90 percent and less wait time. The process for Digital X-Rays is similar to traditional dental X-rays where a sensor is inserted into your mouth to capture images of your teeth but rather than waiting for the film to be developed, the image is projected onto a screen for your doctor and staff to access. 

Diana Fat, DDS is located in Sacramento, CA. We put patient comfort and care at the top of our priority list, we look forward to meeting you and offering you the treatment you deserve.

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