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Sacramento Preventative DENTISTRY

Sacramento preventative dental care: Diana Fat, DDSThe foundation for an attractive smile is good oral health, which unfortunately is not a given for most people. The most cost-effective and healthy approach for ensuring optimal oral health is to adopt preventative measures instead of waiting until a problem develops.

Like most things in life, especially anything that revolves around your health, it’s generally always easier, safer, and easier on your wallet to nip things in the bud. It’s always easier to treat a small chip than it is to undergo restorative dental treatments.

At Diana Fat, DDS, preventive dentistry is significant and crucial. If you ever suffer from tooth, gum, nerve, or jaw pain, please give us a call at (916) 448-5333 immediately to schedule an emergency dental treatment. Oral pain is almost always indicative of a giant iceberg underneath.

Our Sacramento prosthodontist, Dr. Diana Fat, is highly-skilled in preventive dentistry along with dental restorations. Our trained and experienced dentist is available to answer any dental questions or provide necessary oral health treatments.


One of our chief practice philosophies is to focus on disease prevention since, generally, the fewer restorations required, the healthier your teeth and gums will be. We seek to find a personalized preventative and maintenance plan that best suits your individual needs.

An essential part of prevention is comprehensive dental exams. Diana Fat, DDS performs extensive, detailed exams so you can rest assured that we’re checking the condition of everything from the tissue to the teeth. We even check your temporomandibular (TMD / TMJ) joint to evaluate how it is affecting your oral health.

Good oral health is dependent on the condition of your gums, which are a very accurate indicator of your oral health. Routine periodontal checkups are essential, so we can chart your gums, which includes taking measurements of gum pockets to see if they are a cause for concern or if they are growing due to periodontal disease.


We highly encourage and recommend daily brushing and flossing to combat and prevent a multitude of oral health issues; yet, even rigorous at-home care can never truly eliminate the build-up of tartar. Only a dental professional can completely remove tartar that will always happen. By bringing your family in for regular dental cleanings, you help polish and remove any harmful bacteria that can wreak havoc over time.

Diana Fat, DDS uses special dental instruments that can thoroughly clean your teeth and gums in places your toothbrush and floss can never reach. Without dental cleanings, built-up tartar can easily become gum disease and tooth decay. Without treatment, these serious dental conditions can eventually lead to tooth loss. Our highly-trained dental staff is always available to answer any dental questions, demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques, and more.


When deciding on a family dentist there are several considerations important to the immediate and long-term well-being of your loved ones. At our dental practice, we place great importance on the following aspects of care:

Experience – Dr Fat has extensive experience in treating children and adults. Our team is devoted to making sure our young patients are comfortable during their visit, and that adult patients can restore and maintain ideal dental health.

Technology – State-of-the-art dental technology helps Dr. Fat visualize areas of concern better and faster than older imaging techniques. This allows our dental hygiene team to treat patients less invasively. We use the latest digital x-ray technology and intra-oral cameras to diagnose conditions and develop treatment plans that meets each patient’s individual needs.

Education and Prevention – Routine dental visits are important to promoting a healthy smile, but your child will also need to care for their own teeth at home for overall, long-lasting oral health.

The dental team at Diana Fat, DDS takes the time to educate the entire family on the fundamentals of a good home oral care routine, including proper brushing techniques, the right diet, and the avoidance of sugary drinks and snacks. We will also digitally illustrate the patients’ x-rays and areas of concern. Our dental office uses educational videos to help their patients learn about appropriate dental care.


At Diana Fat, DDS, we believe that everyone deserves exceptional dental care, no matter their age or circumstance. For personalized, high quality dental care, contact our experienced family dentist  and make your appointment today.

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